Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

Calling for Glowforge uses in Athens, GA

There’s a team working with Piedmont Athens Regional and St Mary’s Hospitals in Athens, GA. The local hospitals haven’t been able to get any face shields, so this group is looking to make 100 face shields ASAP. They have a working design that they are using Glowforge units to produce. Please reach out if you might be in a position to support this effort.

Can you share the file
We’re happy to make and ship as needed

Also can you send me a list of materials needed.
I’d like to make sure my supplier has what we need in stock.
If you send me the material list early enough we could produce them over the weekend provided material is available

Thanks for offering to help! I’m still working with the group to figure out exactly what they need from volunteers but will reach out to you directly as soon as I know more.

I live in the Nashville Tn area and could make and ship. I would love to help in anyway I can during this time of need.

Please keep the thread updated, not just directly to one user. I’d be happy to help if I had a BOM and design to work with. I’m in Atlanta, so shipping time should be pretty quick.

I’m 30 mins from Athens, would love to help!

I am also I Atlanta with machine time available.

I am in the Nashville area. Would love to help anyway I can.

Do you have any recent updates?

Thanks to all those who offered help. The Athens-based team have the support they need for now. I’ll let you know if they reach back out with additional asks.

We’re ramping up production at - in the Atlanta area. If you go to the web site and submit a request, we’ll get you what you need.