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Converting surgical masks to N95

Anyone aware of a clinically-validated method for converting a regular surgical mask to function as an N95?

(published on behalf of a medical professional based in TX)

I was thinking, The air filter at your local Walmart that are like the ( HEPA ) filters that go in your house filter vent/returns. If they’re made for our homes, non toxic, and will stop bacteria and viruses, practicals, ect… everything the N95 mask does down to the microns why cant that material be cut and sown into the layers of a cloth mask or into a cloth mask and it be just as effective, especially if it has a good seal on your face? the big filter is about $23.00 that’s 20" X 25" or their abouts. That’s a lot of masks. They’ve have worked just fine for use thus far. They’re super thin and bend well. You just cut them out of the center an cut your filters…Hope this can help in some way…

Thanks sandojerm! I’ll pass that idea along.

The medical professional I was in touch with was hoping there might be some solutions like this one, that are a bit less painful on the ears to implement.

These plus the S-hooks, maybe? Where in Texas? I’m out in the sticks (Caldwell/Somerville area) but if I can help with lasery stuff, let me know.

You need to be careful about what material the filter is made from. When you cut them down, the material may not stay in place like it was and you might start inhaling the material. I think I was hearing people mentioning they may have fiberglass in them.

Also, flattening a filter makes it lose some of its ability to filter.

Just make sure you check what they are made of.

There is an option that is specifically made for face masks. I posted it here:

Filti Face Mask Material

We just received our second order on Monday (been sharing with family my first order).