Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

Donations or Sales?

I have made a few shields for close friends in the med field, but I am in a unique situation that I have the facility and material to mass produce these. I know a lot of people are making these as donations but whats the thinking on selling? I’m not talking gouging but enough to cover expenses?

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I think the only way to make them in volume is to sell them. We were targeting $1-1.5 a piece for our die cut masks.

This was my thought too, I was just getting a feeling for the community thought.

This isn’t quite what you’re asking, but be sure to look at project manus who is asking for people with die cutting equipment to let them know. Dr Culpeper created the design on his Glowforge, but they’re scaling up to mass production with equipment like yours.

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Here is what I am doing locally. I am making 500 masks for the local fire department. My agreement was that as long as they purchase the materials, I will make the masks.