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Face Shield Design for Fire Fighters

A local fire department was needing face shields for the fire fighters. I made a prototype and sent it out to them. They requested 1 change to the design, which was to remove the vent hole at the top. Here is the face shield design I am cutting now. I have found that I can get 6 of these to a single sheet in the Glowforge.


If you want to see the article of the assembly, you can see that here

When you make face shields, make sure you give them a prototype first and ask if they need changes.


I thought I would make an update here. I have created a design that puts 7 of these masks on a single sheet. I also changed the holes to a different color. This allows you to cut those out first in the event you are using material that is not exactly level and to help alleviate the problem when the main piece drops out before the holes are made.

The file doesn’t seem to be uploading now, here is a link.