Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

Face Shield design

This is a face shield modified from the ProtoShield.

  1. I went to the 3 hole design so that it can use 3 ring binder protective sheets or you can use a standard US 3 hole punch to put holes in a sheet of acetate or cut up plastic bottle.
  2. Added a visor, I know some people were worried about the open top.
  3. Went form elastic to a wide reusable zip tie, On the first couple protoshileds I made the elastic was not enough to hold then together. I am using plastic rivets to assemble mine but a smaller zip tie would work here as well. This is the reusable zip tie I am using, , cut in half and then riveted to the mask.
    Here is a link with the DXF files if anybody is interested.

The 2 bands are cut from .060" PETG, or Delren/acetal and the shield and visor from .020"