Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

Faceshield fabrication

Can the Glowforge make these faceshields from these materials?

  • Face Shield: 0.007" thick clear polyethylene film (PET), McMaster-CARR PN 8567K64.
  • Brow Foam : Adhesive Backed Polyurethane Foam 1" thick, McMaster-CARR PN 8614K84
  • Head Band: 3/4" x 36’ elastic latex fabric, McMaster-CARR PN 88225K68

I’ve made several hundred of this same design on my Glowforge using .020 acrylic from Johnson plastics. Works great.
Face Shield for elastic

I’ve been using .03" PETG film, and it works wonderfully as a rigid shield. I’ve got some .02" that I want to try because the .03" is just a little too rigid for my taste. That said, mine were designed (and approved by the NIH) to be re-usable/sterilizable. If yours are too, make sure you’re using “closed cell” foam, as otherwise you’ll never stand a chance of sterilizing it.

I’d be careful with Latex. You need to make sure that if you’re donating them that whatever facility you want to send them to allows latex. The model that I was making got bounced originally because it contained latex.

When in doubt, check with the Infection Control specialist at the facility, they should be able to tell you yay or nay.

@awap2000 @mikekap99, do you find any downside to using the thicker material? The one 0.007 in the original blog to 0.02, 0.03, seems like a night and day difference. I would guess material availability is driving that?

I tried the .03 and it was definitely too thick. The .02 is maybe a little thick but works well for most of the people i am providing it to since they tend to sterilize and reuse due to lack of availability.

I used the .03 due to availability. The model I based mine on was the prusa face shield and that model called for between .02 and .04 I find the stiffness reasurring and it makes them easier to clean and reuse.

That said, it does mean it’s a bit of a PITA to work with if you have to buy 4x8 foot sheets as you need to cut them down before they fit in the forge. Standard scissors won’t work.