Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

Filti Face Mask Material (made in USA)

I found out about this local company and purchased some of their filter mask material. It’s 3 layers — their background was in making filters and when COVID-19 made it’s appearance in the States they changed their production to face mask material. They are located in Kansas USA and the material is made in the USA.

Here is a very brief video to explain their background and what they are doing:

Filti face mask material

Right now I am making some for my parents (80 range) and my family. I am making cloth masks and inserting the filter material in the pocket. This allows the filter material to go further. I am going to try to make one straight from the material (different style as the cloth has a seam down the middle) to find out if the fit will be as good.

Filti Face Mask Material website

They do have an online chat feature on their website and they will answer any questions you have. They do have a lot of orders but are working through them as fast as they can.


They do have disclaimers that I am translating that to mean it is not being represented as better than medical grade – but if you look at the image above, using cotton to make a mask and add Filti, you should be getting a lot better chance of keeping yourself and others safer than cotton alone!

If someone tries the Filti material and figures out a good design for the face mask to fit the face (without fabric), I would be interested in that pattern. It might help my niece who has asthma and is having troubles breathing through cotton masks. I’m going to sew a basic mask (only) out of the Filti material to get to her which would be better than none when she is off work to encourage her to wear one when she goes in a store.

She works (college student) at an “essential” retail establishment and they have been FLOODED (store packed) full of people. I hope she doesn’t become infected because the retail chain has not adapted crowd control inside the store. Hopefully that will change. The store has recently been supplying masks but supposedly are “cleaning” them (I wouldn’t bet my life on that).

Filti Face Mask Material Data Sheet

Update: found the video in which they show how to steam the Filti fabric if you are unable to provide a disposable mask for every day (which is not quite possible in a home production environment.)

Steaming Filti material

There’s this:

Their original “fix” was 3 large rubber bands hooked together; the middle one went around your nose, mouth, and chin, and the other two hooked behind your ears. :slight_smile:

I will send that link to her and if she thinks she can wear it, I’ll figure out how to make it. Thank you for the link.

On a side note that gives me a bit of a claustrophobic shudder.

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