Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

Got a 3D Printer in Seattle? Nurses at Virginia Mason need masks

Virginia Mason has a severe shortage of PPE, and all masks have been sent to the ER and the ICU to work with Covid-19 patients. This is the right decision, but it ALSO means that chemo nurses are working with no facial PPE, and they work with already immunocompromised folks who are more likely both 1) to have COVID-19; and 2) to catch COVID-19.

The nurses desperately want to protect both themselves and their patients, and they just got approval from Virginia Mason to use this mask, which was approved by the NIH.

(4th one down on my screen, uses regular transparency paper rather than A4 paper, which is harder to get). I can also send you the file if need be.

Please help if you’re in the Seattle area and have a 3D printer? I can be reached at c. 206-779-5472

-Kira Franz

How many would you be able to use, and how would I get them to you? I don’t have a printer myself, but have a number of folks I can reach out to and see about getting some printed.



We’ve started by trying to collect 25 for each hospital, so 50 total. The two hospitals we’re working with are trying to spin up their own supply chains, and we’re hoping that if we help them get these in this week, they’ll have better timelines and numbers for us after that.


There is a local group on FB that is currently running a fairly complex supply chain to deliver hundreds of masks to local hospitals. I would encourage you to coordinate.

[Washington State 3D Visor Mask Hub]

Yes! We’ve filled out their form, too. If you’re already working with them, we’re on the list waiting our turn, so no need to double-dip there.

I want to let folks know that Kira is a Glowforge alum and an amazing person - if anyone can help ensure your time and effort goes to good use, she can!


Thank you SO MUCH, Dan! We are now COVERED – we are getting ready to distribute a total of 150+ face shields produced by local makers to local healthcare workers. Then we were told that one of the hospitals we were working with wants 1,000 masks! We are turning that project over to, and also putting the hospitals directly in contact with SeattleMakers and Thank you SO much for your efforts!