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Living hinge for face mask hooks

I went the route of a living hinge for the ear saver design. The first reason I went that route is because I wanted it to cradle the wearers head. The second is that I have seen people putting, or trying to put, the mask hooks in different places from the back of the head to the back of the neck.

Let me know what your thoughts are here.

It’s a great idea – won’t work in the hospitals probably, since all the cuts makes them a lot harder to clean. I doubt I could use them, since they’d become permanently tangled in my curly hair, but for people with smooth hair, they’d probably be more comfortable than a straight piece. :slight_smile:

I love the feedback

I kind of just figured you would dump it into a bucket of cleaning solution.

I know when I tested it on my hair, which starts to get curly as it grows out, it didn’t get caught in the slits but I could see how that would cause a problem.


No, typically when we are cleaning our tools and supplies we’ll use disinfecting wipes. :slight_smile:

I have been told that people with kinky hair dislike anything that can catch their hair, which would include a living hinge as well as exterior fingers as on the GF design. I think people with really short hair might say the same thing. For this reason, I made the adjustability portion of my Gecko design on the interior and so far I’ve gotten good feedback (though I’m continuing to gather feedback).

As Geek2Nurse noted, the hinge is harder to clean and I’ll add that it is also more breakable.

On placement, I’ve seen two positions work and one not. Working: Bottom of head with both straps below ears; middle of head with straps above/below ears. Not working: top of head with both straps above ears.

Some people have suggested that the best cradling/confirming design is with flexible plastic, not a living hinge. I think this is a good point, but I didn’t have any such plastic, so my first designs were for the acrylic people seemed to be using and is in good supply. I have some Lucent (from Johnson Plastics) arriving on Wednesday and I have a design I’ve made specifically for it that I am anxious to test. I don’t have any PETG and I don’t know how its properties compare with Lucent, but that is another flexible plastic.

Hi! Have you had a chance to try the “lucent” material? I am unfamiliar with that…is it laser safe? Looking forward to your update. Thank you.

Thanks for asking. My Lucent arrived and I did some tests. As I expected, the existing designs are not ideal for flexible plastics. I had started a new design before the material arrived. It worked really well in some ways (and I think it’s promising), but I can clearly do better. I’ve been trying to find the time to improve it.

Right now, I’m in the midst of a small relocation of my Glowforge and an upgrade to my vent, now that I’ve given up on ever having a filter that goes under it. When that’s done, I’ll spend more time on this.

BTW, here are links to the Lucent material. It is definitely laser safe and I am looking forward to using it for puzzles as well.