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MIT needs optimized cutting settings for PETG

MIT is working on face shields and swab shields for drive up testing sites. Here’s what they need from the laser community:

Glowforge settings for our prototyping efforts: Cutting 0.020”, 0.025” and 0.030” thick PETG.
This is important for identifying the optimal fabrication rate.

Hi I just used my Glowforge basic on PETG sheets. With the protective sheets on both sides it measured .027". I used settings of speed 250, power 100, 1 pass. I have 115 more to do tomorrow. I’m also making face shields for our hospital. I am a brand new Glowforge user. So hopefully additional recommendations will come in. ! IMG_20200326_190916|375x500
But the shield came out beautifully.


I don’t have an answer to this, but I have a GF in the Boston area not far from MIT. Definitely willing to put my GF to work to make shields.

Hi Sandy! The face shield image your shared looks great. Can you share more about the design?

Hi Sandy, i second that. looks great. can you please post more angles? how many pieces are there?

Sandy - thanks for sharing your settings!

If anyone has done (or could do) a full optimization for PETG settings that would be most appreciated. The scale at which the team we’re trying to help will be producing at is massive so every bit of efficiency that can be gained helps!

Yes absolutely!
The files can be found at
There are 4 pieces. I’m not seeing a way to attach the SVG file or I would be happy to share what I did.
The sheet of PETG came in 48" x 96" sheets. We had the supplier cut it into 10.5" x 18.5" pieces which gave 23 pieces per sheet. So 23 face shields per sheet. Our supply came from Acrilex in Jersey City, NJ total for 5 48" x 96" pieces was $260.

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If anyone wants me to email them my SVG file please just give me an email!

One more piece of advice - I’ve checked 3 suppliers in NJ - PETG is sold out in .02-.03" thickness. Everyone is buying it for medical purposes. So you might check on supply of that before getting too far along. Perhaps there is another material that can be used, but I don’t know.

Good job!

(I am not sure about the small crescent piece cover on top, but understand why you have it)

Thanks again

McMaster Carr seems to have plenty in stock.

Hmmm I’ll check again but I called their NJ location and they only carried it in .06" and higher. Perhaps other locations carry it.

Thank you for the tip!

My mistake, you are correct - it looks like .063" is as low as they go. My apologies for the confusion!

The MIT team finalized their prototype face shield and are scaling up to mass production. You can read all about it here: Thanks to everyone who posted settings.

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Is there a price guide for PETG material to act as a guide when we’re looking for material? I’ve never bought this stuff before and price gouging is rampant, but i’d like to get some to test and help if possible.

I’m cutting 0.03" PETG sheets for face shields. Settings I’ve been using that seem to cut cleanly with minimal scarring are:

Leave the plastic protective film on.
Focus: 0.0295 in
Power: Full
Speed: 250

Can u send me the SVG for the face shields
Thank you,
Sheryl Denis

Thanks again
I appreciate it