Make Covid Stop: Making medical equipment, together

S Hooks for Over-Ear Masks

I’m not exactly sure who had the original idea, or who made this file – it’s been making the rounds in at least 3 Facebook groups. This link will take you to the files list of the Glowforge User Group (GUG) which has a huge variety of files posted (though I think you have to be a member of the group to access).

Continual use of mask elastic along the back of the ear has created a need for an alternative, due to pressure blisters and rubbing. The idea is to “replace” the ears in over-ear masks using an S-shaped hook worn along the nape of the neck. Every nurse/front-line professional has been excited over this idea.

I’m not sure how to upload files here but definitely welcome additional designs!

Yes. It was created by a user in our GUG (Glowforge Users Group) and many of are making them and donating them to hospitals, clinics, and other essential workers. We also now have the PNW - Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies group where people can volunteer to make PPE and where the essential teams can request PPE that they are low on and need.