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Toronto, Canada Need 350 Ear Savers

This first batch would be going to Toronto General Hospital as well as Toronto Western. The demand is getting high since I’ve passed the idea around. If done locally, I can pickup. If done remotely, I’ll pay the shipping. I’ll also gladly pay for materials and your expenses. If you can help, the sooner, the better. Thank you so much in advance.

You should enter your request here to be matched:

Reach out to me directly to discuss your needs
We are laser cutting these
Just got done shipping 1000 to a NY hospital

I did that but nothing happened for well over a week. Glowforge’s CEO told me to post here since I’m outside the US.

How do I reach out to you directly? You can DM me on Twitter: @mariocantin

Since this request for ear savers is from Canada, the link provided by breshecl will not work.
The best thing to do is post in this part of the discussion board to ask for help.

Daveslurz - many thanks for offering to help out here! I hope you and cantin can help out the folks at Toronto General Hospital.

I looked on the page before I posted and could not find anywhere where it says that it is for the U.S. only - good to know.

Hi there! Did u ever get anyone to help u with ear savers? Here’s my email if u need help

Canada Source Here…

For my Canadaian friends, DM me.
I operate Get It laser Engraved in Sherwood Park, AB and have already satisfied one request from GF.
I have delivered more EarSavers to Calgary, Edmonton and Ft McMurray too.

Let me know what you need. I have material ready to go.


See my post for help in Canada…